memorias: olvidad@s y recuperad@s

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“I think that’s kind of a Mexican thing. No? That we like to cry, as Alma Guillermo Prieto that journalist has said. You know? I think we’re always holding in tears. We’re trying to be the stoic Mexicans, but you know at the end of the party, as she has said, Mexicans always end up crying…Well maybe it’s all the way down to the Patagonia because I think it has to do with the conquest. I really do. And kind of, a grief that’s there and a sadness. Porque estamos bien amulados. You know? And we don’t want to admit it until we’ve had a little tequila, a little bit of Chavela Vargas, a little bit of Agustin Lara, that give us permission to cry.”

—   Sandra Cisnero as she Guest DJ’s in NPR’s AltLatino radio show
  • 12 January 2013
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